The main objective of ALAN İstanbul is to contribute the production of contemporary art, which is independent and innovative. It is aimed to trigger spatial, social and financial elements for the art. ALAN İstanbul is founded to take place within the contemporary art worldwide, to bring contemporary art of the world to İstanbul and to take the production that made in İstanbul to the world.

ALAN İstanbul hosts both national and international exhibitions and projects of contemporary artists. ALAN İstanbul is a living venue with performance arts, video and movie shows, as well as plastic and visual art exhibitions. ALAN İstanbul is not only an art gallery, but also is a free and independent place for artistic activities. Within the scope of “Project Rooms” ALAN İstanbul also opens its doors to various expression tools of social interactions.

ALAN İstanbul is a location in which artist and designers of different disciplines may exhibit their works and can be observable in one of the most cultural and intensive regions of the city. In this respect, ALAN İstanbul does not only a physical venue, but also aim to be a social place and help artistic works be part of social interactions. Within the context of both spatial and performed exhibitions and projects, ALAN İstanbul became a constant part of İstanbul art network and took its place in the agenda of dynamic and contemporary art audience.

With the art works in its permanent collection and its expert team, ALAN İstanbul is a reliable consultant for collectors, provides consulting service to whom desire to develop and provide their collections, as well as to whom to create collections get through to next generations or to collectors in beginner level.