“In her new exhibition, Ayşegül Sağbaş, with help from Fadu, the heroine of her paintings, makes reference to sex before marriage. Although this has ceased to be a problem in big cities, it’s still a taboo in most parts of Turkey. Sexuality, a basic drive in human nature, cannot be held down in spite of all efforts of repression. This repression, secrecy and mystery perpetuated by these, make sex a more appealing, more desirable need for Fadu. People, who are prone to sin, find their place in yhe paintings. However, Fadu’s fate was determined many centuries ago in this country. And it has no intention to change. In this country, adolescent boys get acquainted with sex in brothels. And young women, in the bedroom, with their husbands. In the majority of this country couples get married first, and then learn to love each other, God willing(!) After all, women are murderable in this country, if need be..” – Firuzan Şimşek