Born in 1965, Iskenderun, Harun Antakyalı graduated from Hacettepe University, Art Department. Antakyalı currently lives and works in Istanbul. He convey street art in to the walls of interior. He joined several exhibitions such as ‘Imperessions of A Metropol’ in 1992, ‘Metropol Smudges’ Dam galeri in 1995, ‘I live , I do , I consume’ Şekerbank Ömer Sunar Art Gallery in 1997, ‘Popülist Life’, Görsel Art Gallery in 1998, ‘I don’t have the Olympos’ Anka Gallery in 1998, ‘The Ones who don’t have an Olympos, Come Here!’ Karaca Art Gallery in 1999, ‘Angels Can’t Dream’, Gallery Sanat Yapım in 2000, ‘Kishots Without Don’, Karaca Art Gallery in 2001, ‘I’m Scared’, Gallery Artı in 2003, ‘The Ones Who Can Understand Metropol’, Karaca Art Gallery in 2005, ‘Concrete Canvases’ Çağla Cabaoğlu Art Gallery in 2011, ‘Aspects of Concerete’ Çağla Cabaoğlu Art Gallery in 2012, ‘Criminal’ m1886 Art Projects in 2013, ‘Pell – Mell’ Gallery ARK in 2013, ‘%100 Harun ANTAKYALI’ m1886 Art Projects in 2015, ‘INFORMAL’, ALANİSTANBUL in 2016.