Born in 1980, Kadriye İnal studied at the Sculpture Department of the Fine Arts Faculty at Dokuz Eylül University between 1998-2003, which was followed by a postgraduate study between the years 2004-2007 and a Master’s degree in sculpture in 2013 at the Fine Arts Institute of the same university. İnal currently lives and works in Izmir. She makes collages by combining images of individuals in daily life situations with imaginary characters of her own creation, in an attempt to come up with a narrative that walks the line between reality and fiction. This process results in inter-characters who are in a way anonymous. Most of İnal’s works feature women. Unlike approaches which commodify women by presenting them as objects to watch or fetishize; Kadriye İnal strives to come up with narratives that come from the inner world of women. She dismisses the shell-like imagery of a solid outer layer and instead aims to make visible the soft layer inside. This attempt results in inter-narratives, which carry the inside to the outside while pushing the outside into the inside, which implicitly reveal things that were intended to be kept secret, or which explicitly hide things that were meant to be expressed. In this regard, the patch-work technique she utilizes in creating her sculptures gains significance as it enphasizes this inter-surface and its anonymous characters. In addition to the strong presence of her three-dimensional works in space, the collaged imagery of the patch-work technique and the fictional narration help İnal make her viewers experience a perception that resides on the line between alienation and identification.


2015 Kadriye İnal Rem, Alan Istanbul, İstanbul.

2013 Kav Foundation Kadriye Kantık Solo Sculpture Show, Ankara.

2003 Kadriye İnal Solo Sculpture Show, Center of French Culture

2007 Kadriye İnal Solo Sculpture Show, İKSEV, İzmir.


2015 “Hidden” Overthose Alan İstanbul, İstanbul.

2013 Kav Foundation Kadriye Kantık Solo Sculpture Show, Ankara.

2012 Konak Municipality “Tribute to Atatürk” Group Sculpture Show, İzmir.

2012 Kav Foundation New Generation Show 1, Ankara.

2012 31.Turgut Pura Foundation Painting Sculpture Contest, First Prize, Painting and Sculpture Museum, İzmir.

2012 ArtGalerim Nişantaşı Poetry Meets Sculpture Group Sculpture Show, İstanbul.

2010 İyi Sanat Art Gallery Group Sculpture Show, Swiss Hotel Exhibition Hall, İzmir.

2010 International EgeArt Group Sculpture Show, Atatürk Center of Culture, İzmir.

2010 Konak Municipality “Tribute to Atatürk” Group Sculpture Show, İzmir.

2006 Academy İKSEV Kadriye İnal Solo Sculpure Show, İKSEV Exhibition Hall.

2005 DEÜ GSF Postgraduate Students Group Sculpture Show, DEÜ Faculty of Medicine, Exhibition Hall.

2005 Universiad University Games Group Sculpture Show, İzmir .

2005 24. Turgut Pura Foundation Painting Sculpture Contest, Tibet Kızılcan Award, İzmir.

1999 Dokuz Eylül University Fine Arts Faculty Students Group Show, İzmir.


2014 International Asklepios Stone Sculpture Symposium.

2013 International Kömürcüoğlu Marble Sculpture Colony.

2012 International Zühtü Müridoğlu Wooden Sculpture Symposium.

2011 International Gaziemir Municipality Türkan Saylan Stone Sculpture Symposium.

2010 International Karşıyaka Stone Sculpture Symposium.

2008 3. Bursa Nilüfer Municipality International Kuzgun ACAR Sculpture Symposium.

2008 6. Mersin International Hüseyin Gezer Stone Sculpture Symposium.

2008 1. EİB İzmir International Stone Sculpture Symposium. “Stone and Water”.

2007 4. Alanya International Stone Sculpture Symposium.

2007 Konak Municipality Stone Sculpture Symposium.

2007 2. İnönü University National Stone Sculpture Symposium.