Ryan Paul Simmons was born in Hollywood, Florida on February 26, 1981. At an early age Ryan started creating art out of anything he could get his hands on. At the age of 3 his ideas and creations with no regard to authority had his parents convinced he was insane. Ryan was taken to Dr. Stanley Milgram, a psychologist widely known for his experiments on obedience to authority to be evaluated. To everyone’s surprise Ryan wasn’t mad but rather a genius born before his time.

“Ryan views life in a completely different manner while utilizing his far advanced brain in today’s time. If you don’t keep his brain occupied he will rebel due to boredom. The average 3 year old brainwaves can focus on 1-3 tasks at one time. Your son’s mind is unlike I’ve ever seen! I started with the normal 1-3 tasks and after 5 minutes his interest diminished. I continued to increase the number of tasks in increments of 1 per minute in addition to the previous he already had. After 1 hour your son was not only keeping up, he wanted more! I read about this behavior in college but to experience the real thing is mind blowing and an amazing reward!” – Dr. Stanley Milgram

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