A Season in Hell

Zafer Aracagök
Bahadır Boysal
Ergün Gündüz
Sadi Güran
Nuri Kurtcebe
Sait Mingu
Güçlü Öztekin
Baysan Yüksel

dedicated to Arthur Rimbaud’s work of the same name.

07 /04 / 2016 07 / 05 / 2016

The current art scene is of a hybrid nature, in many ways. The various ways in which things merge and combine leads to a transitive insight on aesthetics which itself is a result of new ways of perception. These ways arise with the use of new tools of communication, and they constantly recreate themselves. Viewers can only make categorical distinctions between various types and fields of art by means of a sharpened understanding of context and content. At exactly this point, skilled illustrators with unique visual languages –who create work for a wide variety of needs and fields– enter the production paradigm of contemporary art and create significant works. This transitive quality both provides an extension for contemporary art and makes possible new sensations.

“A Season in Hell” is an experimental project that focuses on illustrative works of contemporary artists and works of contemporary art created by illustrators. It takes viewers on a journey to experience possibilities in which the constantly thinning barriers between art and design are altogether lifted, all the while inviting them to distinguish the way aesthetic sensations change in correlation with the distance between the two fields. It brings together prominent artist-designers working in Istanbul who possess and make use of a high level of both visual and logical intelligence. This project is the first step in creating an up-to-date inventory of this field. The show was curated and designed with the intention of providing viewers with a special experience by establishing dialogue between the gallery space and the works of artist/designers of various ages who come from different backgrounds. Images referencing Rimbaud’s “A Season in Hell” will make possible a wide variety of interpretations and perceptions.

“A Season in Hell” can be seen at ALAN Istanbul between the dates April 7 – May 7, 2016.