Broadcast Testing


04/10/2012 – 03/11/2012

ALAN İstanbul

Murat Pulat, one of the brightestrepresentatives of  Turkish contemporary artin the international arena, is performing his 3rd personal exhibition in ALAN Istanbul after a three-year period.

Murat Pulatcontinues to present his depictions viewing the imagery that makes itself visible on the interface between the TV/Movie screen and viewers in his exhibition “Broadcast Testing”. Avoiding various possible execution techniques of the contemporary art, and sticking with oil painting on canvas, the artist enables a modern language through a traditional medium to become possible. Thus, with his persistent works, he earns a place on the system -ranging from Andy Warhol to Chuck Close.

Using sequences from the movies of Ingmar Bergman and the works of “New Wave French” directors, such as Jean-Luc Godard and François Truffaut, the artist aims to form a sincere and emotional bond between the featured artists and the audience. Effects of the chosen imageseamlessly merge with the visual impressions of oil painting, leaving a rather deep aesthetic stimulation in the audience.

The exhibition “Broadcast Testing” will take placeon October 4th to November 3rd 2012 in ALAN Istanbul.