The Disaster Takes Care of Everything

Huri Kiriş

06/09 / 2016 08 / 10 / 2016

ALAN Istanbul presents Huri Kiriş‘s 4th solo show “The Disaster Takes Care of Everything”.

Huri Kiriş is unique among Turkish contemporary painters. Through her works containing figurative elements and landscapes, Kiriş depicts the social and political tensions of her homeland to the paintings. In “The Disaster Takes Care of Everything”, while she creates the illusion of intense depth with oil paintings in which dark colors dominate, by using animal, plant and human figures that emerge from the darkness she depicts the intensity of individual as a result of social and political events that take place in the world with a poetical language. Utilizing landscapes in the darkness, the artist references subliminal origins with her images while emphasizing how the existentialistic essence of an individual can be in conflict with its surrounding environment. The intensely dramatic elements in her paintings join forces with irony and subtle details in order to urge viewers to thoroughly question their own worlds.

“The Disaster Takes Care of Everything” is a show that underlines the significance of painting with a seldom-seen technical proficiency. Inviting viewers to the next phase in the tradition of painting which has developed in waves from the Renaissance to modern art to present day, Kiriş –with her unique visual language based on painting’s relationship to literature, philosophy and socialism– presents one of those rare shows which prove that contemporary art can also be powerful while still attached to an emotional and didactic background. In this regard she deserves both the regional and international recognition with this show.

“The Disaster Takes Care of Everything” can be seen at ALAN Istanbul between the dates September 6 – October 1, 2016.