Art Map:



The project “Art Map: theobjectofartartobject (Sanat Haritası: sanatınnesnesisanatnesnesi)” is a new X by Fatih Balcı on the great of art. This X spots the mechanism of in and outtaking, in a Foucault manner, while also including changes in the nature of artistic events in a layered structure. This structure or mechanism is not only detectable through the project, but also in the story of the project, which is dating as back as 2001 in terms of design. In this way, the project also includes the areas of discussion and connected layers. The project “Art Map” in a way completes his previous work, done in the same notion, “Hacet” (The Exhibition That Doesn’t Exist – Olmayan Sergi). While “Hacet” tries to examine how it could be possible to talk about art where no artwork is present, “Art Map” aims to visualize the structure that makes such a thing possible.
According to Fatih Balcı, artistic events in their classical meaning work through the separation of reality and the stage. The stage of art and the plane of reality co-identify each other while providing meaning to them. Today, this separation is replaced by a new structure where the aforementioned duality is melted into one. It is very similar to how modern art stopped reflecting the world and considered it the subject. Artistic structure can take itself as the actual subject and the network of relationships is having difficulty in doing anything other than reflecting itself. Today, the most real and impressive artwork is this very artistic structure.