“The exhibition with a huge appetite!”


Ömer Ozan Erdoğan


Creative Bonanza

Bebek Lucca, February 9th 2012


Everyone’s eating each other in the character design exhibition “HAM HUM” exhibition by Ömer Ozan Erdoğan and Creative Bonanza. Lucca, one of the most popular venues in Bebek will be the host of the exhibition on Thursday February 9th. Characters single handedly sewn by Ömer Ozan Erdoğan tell their stories in the exhibition formed by jean, fake leather, cloth and fiber.

A crocodile eating a human being, a human eating a cat, a cat eating a lobster, a lobster eating a donkey…  It may sound like a deviant food chain… It actually is a dining table exhibiting the frenzied moments of our daily lives. People … we start “eating” each other in every opportunity we can find. Some are after personal reputation, some are just feeding, some are trying to blend in and some are looking for something to attack. The reality is that the reasons are not important, but the results… This is the case because, well, any reason might push one to do such things. They are all pieces of a greater being, a system, and no one is ever questioning that system. They have accepted their positions in the social food chain. Yet again this chain resembles a vicious circle where the person at the top is not very clear.

None of these characters “eating” each other is foreign to us. They are all people amongst us. To learn more about Kız Takoz, Yersen Lüpen, Cızbız, Eftelya and all the other HAM HUM characters, do not miss this exhibition. HAM HUM will be hosted by Lucca for two months, starting on February 9th.

Ömer Ozan Erdoğan and Creative Bonanza:

Ömer Ozan Erdoğan, continuing from his work in areas such as Illustration and Painting along with Character Design, attended exhibitions “Öteki” (within Habitat organization), Genç Etkinlik 2 “Yersiz Yurtlaşma”, 1998 Grafikerler Meslek Kuruluşu and 2007 Hafriyat “Allah Korkusu” with his personal artwork. His first personal painting exhibition named “Kalabalık” (The Crowd) took place in 2008.

Ömer Ozan Erdoğan realized his first “character design” exhibition with Creative Bonanza, “Küpşehir” (The Cube City) in 2010. During its 2 month duration, the exhibit taking place in “ALAN Istanbul” attracted huge interest. He attended Istanbul Design Spirit 2010, Germany “Spagat!” , Istanbul Design Spirit and Istanbul Design Week 2011 again with Creative Bonanza.

Creative Bonanza, found by Ömer Ozan Erdoğan, Zeynep Kaytancı and Uğur Berkay Şenerken is a creative entrepreneurship example that focuses on Graphic Design, Illustration and Character Design. Along with the Character Design Exhibitions, the team develop their own design products under the brand “HOi” and operates as a “creative idea office”.

For Detailed Information:

Creative Bonanza: creativebonanza.com



twitter: @CreativeBonanza



HOi: whatthehoi.com

Ömer Ozan Erdoğan: omerozan.blogspot.com


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