Hardworking  Little  People


05/09/2012 – 29/09/2012

ALAN İstanbul

The first personal exhibition of Arda Yalkın, the upcoming young talent of video art is in ALAN Istanbul!

Arda Yalkın, who has been causing sensation with his technique and criticism, is bringing his works on video and plastic together in the exhibition “Hardworking Little People.”

The artist, while providing an experience for the viewer around the areas of intimacy, violence, consumption, chaos and societal disorder’s borders in his New Media works, tries to question both the viewer and himself.

Third Dimension in Aesthetics…

The videos in the exhibition, thanks to the unique “mosaic technique” of his, lets 25000 frames per second to be viewed at the same time, proving to be a rain of images. Another noteworthy video “Two Monologues” is a stop-motion video that was made through 3000 printed frames and 12000 photographs. Yalkın is pointing at the transformation of the visual of hundreds of moments produced through a single one with the usage of dimension in his layered print works parallel to the framework in his videos.

“Hardworking Little People”, combining criticism on the system and various sarcastic notions through the usage of the language, can be seen until September 29th 2012 in Alan Istanbul.