Harun Antakyalı

12/10 / 2016 12 / 11 / 2016

ALAN Istanbul presents Harun Antakyalı’s 25th solo show “Informal”!.

According to TDK, the word “Informal” is defined as being not formal, not official. It’s also the name of an art movement that emerged after the 1950s, the purpose of which was to transcend traditions instead of being loyal to them. This attitude can be seen in all its forms in Harun Antakyalı‘s works. The unusual materials he uses, and the extraordinary nature of forms in his works catch viewers unawares. The impression of simplicity due to his utilization of primitive motifs is actually the reflection of purity which emerges as a result of the artist pushing his boundaries. By utilizing concrete, Antakyalı reinterprets from another perspective an urban material which is the building block of all living spaces. Concrete is no more an element of the life outside; it’s instead the carrier and the material of graffiti which almost feels like it should be placed out on the street. Thus the city is reinterpreted. With the slogans and symbolic elements he uses in his works, he furthermore references the personal and social problems of his homeland and tells stories. This humble multi-layered structure of Antakyalı’s works has helped him claim a unique position among the contemporary artists of today.

“Informal” is an extraordinary show which questions the concepts of city and individual by means of rare technical proficiency and formal expression. The artist carries viewers to the final destination of painting in art history. With his individual language –which positions itself between painting and sculpture, street art and ideas on society– he has created one of those exceptional shows in which unique works of contemporary art reach the highest level with regard to materials and content. Thus the show deserves many compliments from the local and international art scenes.

“Informal” can be seen at ALAN Istanbul between the dates 12 October – 12 November, 2016.