Right Now!

A.Cem Şahin

07/02/2013 – 09/03/2013

ALAN İstanbul

Having continued his work in his workshop in Izmir, after completing his master’s degree in Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Department of Painting 1991, the artist won many prizes in exhibition competitions while focusing on his research on painting aesthetics.

A.Cem Şahin positions his painting on a string of production exhibiting revolutionary transformations at modern art movements starting with Renaissance, as an accelerated journey from present to future. With this way, he seeks to find ways to figure out the ever existing aesthetics in the past, present and the future of modern art, also taking criticism of current day into consideration. Today, “ŞU AN! – RIGHT NOW!” greets its viewer carrying over essences of a journey that is as warm, elegant and subtle as the revolutionary and critical properties it possesses.

The exhibition “ŞU AN! – RIGHT NOW!” holding the artist’s most recent works, could be visited in ALAN ISTANBUL main exhibition venue between February 7th and March 9nd 2013.