İlerlemenin Kutsallığı ve Zorbalığı

“Sanctity and Despotism of Progress”


Murat Germen – Melih Görgün – Borga Kantürk – Vahit Tuna

Erol Eskici

Curator: Emre Zeytinoğlu

Jan 04,  2013 – Feb 02, 2013

ALAN İstanbul will be hosting the exhibition “Progress”, starting on January 4th, 2013. The exhibition, fashioned after an article written by Emre Zeytinoğlu called “Sanctity and Despotism of Progress”, which was printed in “Duvar” magazine, features artists such as: Murat Germen, Borga Kantürk, Erol Eskici, Melih Görgün and Vahit Tuna.

In this exhibition the artists try to interpret a life that has become a slave to the idea of “progress” and present the twisted social occurences stemming from this obsession with open imagery. Murat Germen takes on the theme of “urban transformation” in terms of the individual, the authority and institutions on a critical level, while Melih Görgün dwells on the issues of “immigration” and “naturalization” in the same critical manner. Borga Kantürk works on the theme of “information of progress”, and uses everyday devices of information to prove that every day, memories are lost and justice is severely affected. Erol Eskici establishes a link with the themes of “progress” and “information” and labeling this under encyclopedic information, turns it into something with ultimate and legitimate. Vahit Tuna, on the other hand, places a vacuum cleaner which he deems to be “dirty and arrogant” in the middle of the gallery, and muses on the similarities between the “upright” posture of the object and the indispensability of the “progressive” mindset.

Curated by Emre Zeytinoğlu, the exhibition will be open until February 2nd, 2013.