01 Şubat 2012 – 03 Mart 2012

01 February 2012 – 03 March 2012

ALAN İstanbul


İrfan Önürmen  – A.Cem Şahin –  Arda Yalkın – Ozan Oganer  – Ardan Özmenoğlu – Nejat Satı – Huri Kiriş – Beyza Boynudelik- Bahar Oganer – Barış Sarıbaş- Olgu Ülkenciler

ALAN İstanbul celebrates the opening of its new gallery with the exhibition SELF-PORTRAIT covering the works of 11 Contemporary Artists. The exhibition gains a historical significance for bringing together the first self-portrait works of most of these artists that have proved themselves within the international contemporary art world.

Self-portrait, having a specific place from Antiquity until Renaissance and then through the Modern Art, holds its specialty place within the Contemporary Art as well. Thus, the self-introspection of artists working with different techniques, tools and methods (approaches) is worth examining both for the current audience to analyze  and for the future literature of history of art it turns out to play a significant role

The primary reason why ALAN İstanbul selects this exhibition for the opening of its new gallery is the warm and sincere nature that the privately produced self-portrait works will create. This stands as an overview (summary) of the self-production process, looking through the sincere expressions of the self-imagination of the artists of Istanbul, a dynamic center of art production.

The exhibition including the works of artists İrfan Önürmen, A.Cem Şahin, Arda Yalkın, Ozan Oganer, Ardan Özmenoğlu, Nejat Satı, Huri Kiriş, Beyza Boynudelik, Bahar Oganer, Barış Sarıbaş and Olgu Ülkenciler can be visited at ALAN İstanbul until 3 March 2012.