May 10th – June 2nd

SühaŞahin meets the audience with his first personal exhibition “SOLO” in ALAN İstanbul!

“SOLO” liquefies the figures that are embedded with the effect of painting in contrary to an isolated stance and opens new doors to a world that is shaped by imagination and logic.

The artist’s personality, or in other words his style defines the unity in this intuitive world, not the theme. While the non-symmetric images are being distinguished with lively shaping, they first disturb the dramatic effect they create and then reform it after spilling out from the canvas. The paintings are in between the real world and the paint itself… Sometimes in a hidden fashion, sometimes very clearly and sometimes surprisingly… but they show themselves eventually. The figure flows inwards into the audience’s mind while avoiding the visual reality of widespread aspects that are consciously been shredded into pieces.

The possibility of the street, the outside, to still be “outside” while actually being in a venue is so striking that it enables everything to dissolve into the form of “state”; it lets everything to be made into a “state”. The form of energy that is free from the canvas and the venue shines out a grandiose dignity and a very deep power of criticism through the view of the audience. Süha Şahin makes the audience consider a permanent and a solemn understanding of aesthetics once again, against the common, shallow and inventive crowd of modern day art!

“SOLO”will be exhibited between 10thof Mayand 2ndof June in ALAN İstanbul.