The Bad Things Caused By Good People

“… We all know what we mean by “good” people. An ideal good person does not smoke, drink or swear…

… A “good” person might be a member of the board of trustees at a university and will prevent disrespect for education by not assigning a professor with subversive views.

… A “bad” person smokes and occasionally drinks; this person may even resort to foul language when his/her buttons are pressed.

…A “bad” person also has subversive opinions; for example this person may think that it would be better to prepare for peace rather than war in order to attain peace.”

“The Bad Things Caused By Good People” is a project exhibition prepared in light of the essay by Bertrand Russell with the same title.

Prepared by:

Turgut Yüksel


Ercüment Morgök

Bürkan Özkan