Ayline Olukman

“Suspended Moment”

June 6th 2012 – July 3rd 2012

ALAN İstanbul

Ayline Olukman, a shining name within the young generation of modern art, is performing her first personal exhibition in ALAN Istanbul!

Born to a French mother and a Turkish father, Ayline Olukman re-creates her personal scenes from her memory as a road story in her exhibition “Suspended Moment.” Combining the French Pop-Culture icons with road stories from her travels abroad, she is already named “Ms. Warhol” by the French media.

Having done many personal exhibitions in French cities of Paris, Strasbourg, Bordeaux and Toulouse, Olukman achieved global interest and displayed her works in globally acclaimed art galleries of cities such as San Francisco, Shangai and London. While still working in her workshop in Strasbourg, she now is making preparations to live part time in Istanbul.

Aylien Olukman’s exhibition will be available until July 7th 2012.

“Suspended Moment”

It could be a road movie with no beginning and no end,

The scenes take place in desolated areas, old motels, and empty cities.

Places we go through,

I like to look at these places, because it involve the “off –camera”

The characters are anonymous,

heros with no glory

We go through these moments as we could belong to all of them,

They take place to our memories,

We think of Hollywood  and the desolated America where the relationship between ruins and relics oppose with conflict.

An American elegy is nowhere to nowhere.

Ayline Olukman