Born in İstanbul. In 1980 she graduated from The 235 Fine Arts Faculty of İstanbul Marmara University’s Graphic Arts Department. Kezban Arca Batıbeki was constantly exposed to artistic pursuits throughout her childhood, resulting in an early interest in painting and drawing. Her career began in 1974 when her first Children book were published for the publishing company ‘Milliyet’, and were featured in nearly every magazine in Turkey. In 1988 she created an animation film for Swedish State TV “En Ovanlig Dag” and worked as a production designer on the films production “İbo and Güllüşah” 1975 , “That’s Life” 1977 and “Dream Voyagers” 1992. She also wrote about Art for the Magazines and newspapers. 1983 she relocated to Oxford and London in the UK to focus on her painting. During 1984 she began to receive serious recognition as a painter; she featured in fourteen solo exhibitions and participated in numerous Turkish and International group shows. For twenty five years she has been widely regarded as one of the most insightful artists concerned with popular culture involved in the contemporary art scene in Turkey. Her personal exhibition has been displayed in 2004, the Bunka Quint Gallery in the Costume Design Museum in Tokyo and her video installation work; “I Shot Andy Warhol in Istanbul” in Proje4L Elgiz Museum of Contemporary Art. December 2005 she organized and featured display of short films at 17.Turkish Film Days in Strasbourg. She works on installations, short films and photographs about women. She has twice been presented with the Grand Prize at the Esbank Awards. She lives and works in Istanbul.