“Martial Arts”

Turgut Yüksel

December 6th 2012 – December 29th 2012

ALAN İstanbul

We kept longing for the fears, like guests we consider the dearest.

System is a tyrant forcing you to live under its own rules. If we don’t obey we wait for the fear we were thought, with major discipline, to come and to start knocking on our doors, one by one

We would be; homeless, unemployed and hungry. Our neighbor next door could kill us. Thieves can chop us up. Communism comes, religion can be lost, motherland can be separate, our purity gets ruined…

While we wait for the fear, restless, we yet continue to develop our own martial arts in order to avoid becoming zombies; perhaps what the system desires us to be…

“I’m going to remind myself of Adorno’s saying; that in an environment of such absolute reification environment, surrealist installations were considered authentic works of still-life. In a time where capitalism’s commoditization-reification abilities are deeper and maturely magnificent; can’t we say that Turgut Yüksel, on a level image platform, assembles meanings beyond images and produces works of still-life that create obstacles in the spirit of our time? In this era of individuality and identity, start to think about how people consist only as silhouettes…” (Tanıl Bora)

Turgut Yüksel’s 3rd personal exhibition “Martial Arts” can be visited at Alan İstanbul Gallery between December 6th 2012 – December 29th 2012