ALAN İstanbul

09/05/ – 01/06/2013

İpek Kurşuncu, a young artist who stands out with her talent in the field of contemporary art, is at ALAN İstanbul with her 3rd solo exhibition “Sirk Kasabadan Ayrıldı / The Circus Has Left Town”.

İpek Kurşuncu continues her fantastic paintings by reproducing spaces without time. The artist both tends to give their innocence back to the young girl figures for which the modern world tends to have fetishism and to transfer them to audience by protecting their images in their fictional worlds.

The artist, who internalized language of “Japanese Art” in terms of form and content, uses black linear figures on transparent surfaces with layers. Young artist combines the volatile effect of “airbrush” technic with the light color palette that refers to childish purity on these multi-layer surfaces. She psychologically enriches young girl figures, which she weaves with loaded linear structure. In her exhibition İpek Kurşuncu shares her new serial with audience. By using ink on raw canvas she uses her figuration talent with a different experimental formatting. This new serial with elegant paintings is also close to surrealism. The paintings, in which several animal heads come together with human bodies, let the audience experience a joyous watching by stimulating fantasy worlds rather than giving disturbance.

İpek Kurşuncu has been awarded as the young artist of the year 2009. Her solo exhibition “Sirk Kasabadan Ayrıldı / The Circus Has Left Town would be visited between May 9th and June 1st, 2013 at ALAN İstanbul.

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